My Dog is Collapsing Around Me

There’s a saying that people sometimes use when things aren’t going well, “It feels like the world is collapsing around me.”  Today I feel like my dog is collapsing around me.  And she is my world. We adopted Tess after we realized that no one else probably would.  It took almost two years after losing… Read More »

10 Tips for Crossposting Animals on Facebook

  Marvin spent months as the shelter’s longest resident despite being handsome, social, and a quick learner. Then he got his featured moment on Facebook, and the rest is happily everafter. Now he lives an amazing life as Leroy and stops by the shelter periodically to let everyone know there’s hope for even the most… Read More »

Are We Brave Enough to Remove Breed Labels?

  This is one of our dogs, Savannah. She’s a designer dog – a huskador retriever. Well, a huskador retriever mix.  A what, you say? Ok, she’s a mutt. Or, as a friend calls mixed breed rescues, she’s an American Shelter Dog.  And I have the DNA results to prove it. Savannah is a beautiful… Read More »

Pet Holidays to Keep Your Events & Messaging Fresh

  Creative adoption events, Facebook posts, and educational tools keep your messaging fresh and your public engaged. Using holidays and national recognition days gives you a nice way to be relevant when it matters and whacky when it doesn’t.  The list below captures the tried-and-true holidays plus the crazy, too. Check out the list and add… Read More »

Picture Perfect

    This guest post comes from the amazingly talented Aimee Davis, owner of  Paws 4 The Moment Photography and a HeARTs Speak photographer who donates countless hours to capturing the spirit of adoptables waiting for forever families.   We’ve all heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. But to shelter animals,… Read More »

The Myth of Pets as Gifts

  She came to the shelter in early January: a magnificent 7-month old Akita that was an unwanted Christmas gift from an aunt to the young boy standing at the counter with his dad. She stood there wagging her tail unknowingly. Not only was Paris* an unwanted gift, she arrived with a “wound of unknown… Read More »

The Plight of the “Stray” Cat

  I haven’t been able to get those two cats in Texas out of my head, Binx and Prince.  In case you missed it, the case broke last week.  The cats were trapped by a neighbor and brought to a shelter. Texas has a law requiring a three day holding period for stray cats to… Read More »

Why Are Fewer People Volunteering?

  Volunteering is hard work. The cliché “Labor of Love” comes to mind. The simple reward of seeing a shelter dog perk up in a game of fetch can quickly turn to heartache when the dog collapses into an immovable heap in front of the door because he doesn’t want to go back into his… Read More »

4 Ways to Convert Buyers to Adopters

  Hard to believe no one claimed this handsome guy when he arrived at the shelter as a stray. He languished without much adopter attention until a family drove two hours specifically to meet the Shar Pei they saw on Petfinder. Kenny went home with an amazing family who loved him to bits. That experience… Read More »

Twitter to the Rescue

  My last post shared the amazing story of how social media saved a group of overlooked animals (How Social Media Saved Annie). While Facebook saved Annie, Max and Kyle, Twitter saved Estelle and Luke. I get asked a lot if Twitter is worth it for shelters and rescues.  While Facebook far exceeds all other… Read More »

How Social Media Saved Annie

  Being involved in animal rescue has required me to figure out how to cope with the range of emotions we all experience.  But sometimes an animal breaks me down even though I’m trying to stay strong. After 10 years together, Annie’s owner brought her to the shelter because his cancer was forcing him to… Read More »

10 Steps to Successful Adoption Promotions

  Some people know how to throw a party. I know how to throw an adoption promotion. A well designed event motivates people who have been thinking about adopting to do it now and to choose your organization. The results can be overwhelming both in quantity and quality. The handsome gent to the left, for instance,… Read More »

The Myth of Reduced Fee Adoptions

  The love a forever family gives a homeless animal is priceless. What is the value of the adoption itself? Adoption events with reduced fees are becoming increasingly popular ways to save lives, but some say lowering the fees reduces the quality of adoptions by attracting adopters with less commitment or insufficient resources to care… Read More »